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Tantric Massage Guildford refined The Art of Sensual Touch to a sophisticated creation beyond the extraordinary exceeding even the most demanding of expectations, while contributing to the greatest fulfilment Guildford Massage stand at the Pinnacle for Relaxation commitment to quality, an obsession for perfection in this relentless pursuit for innovation meticulous attention to Personal Luxury a few of our ecstatic Privilege Clients have come to experience and appreciate. Guildford Massage Tantric Massage is performed in total nudity a ritual of body worshipping embracing the Art of Sensual Touch ceremony a powerful healing energy covering the entire naked body with delicate touch and erotic moves this pleasurable sensual energies awake the sensitivity in the skin using 100% pure hands.

Tantric Massage is not pornographic. We are selective on our clientele with a strict code of conduct.  

Tantric Massage is an ancient Oriental Medical Art to heal with Sensual Touch a powerful healing energy. Made popular for its conscious pleasurable state. Receiving tender loving care is calming comforting and rewarding harmonizing body, mind and soul.

Tantric trance a hypnotic moment time forgot

Guildford offer you an excellent service of high standards complementing the most satisfying personal massage experience for your time with quality care. Our passion for Personal Care your satisfaction. We stand superior to monotonous service.

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Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage.

Massage is therapeutic an ancient medical art, redefined to a high standard of luxury indulgent. Complementing health and wellness. Today we use a variety of massage techniques with added health benefits. Such as Aromatherapy enhance relaxation while moisturizing the skin, Swedish Massage is a firm massage, sports massage has a strong deep tissue massage technique, Oriental Massage use acupressure, stretching and elbow movements ending with a gentle feather touch for complete satisfaction for stress relief. Our Spa Treatments a perfect solution to feel good and look great with wonderful results when you need it the most complementing this important ultimate sensory experience.